Coming from a woman who has cancer. Brain tumor. Glioblastoma. It keeps coming back. They keep operating. She has deficits here and there. But none that are debilitating. And the tumor is not your typical Glio. It doesn’t have the customary tentacles that invade the brain in the intricate spots, which typically makes it one of the most deadly type of brain cancers. Wendy’s (pictured above on the right) is special. It is somewhat encapsulating, so when it grows back they can go back in and take it out.

But why do we have to have cancer or a devastating life event to make us realize it’s all about the attitude? We know teenagers have a bad attitude. And look how fun they are to be around.

Living Well

Living well doesn’t mean having nice clothes, a large home, or a fancy car. Living well means living with contentment, peace within, authenticity. Living from a place of love not fear. Being connected.

If we look at our situations from a place of love we see it in a whole new light. Wendy isn’t living in fear that this cancer might take her life. It probably will. Wendy is living in love. She shares her story and faith with others. I tell her she needs to get out there and speak. She needs to go “on the circuit”. Her story is incredible. Her faith is unstoppable.

Her third child die of SIDS. Her fourth baby, shortly after delivery, was found to have a twisted intestine and was miraculously saved. A doctor happened to stop by Wendy’s hospital room to see how she how she was fairing, since he knew about her losing her last baby, and figured it out. Years later, she went through a divorce. Raising five kids wasn’t easy, but she had a good relationship with her ex.

The Diagnosis

Then one day, she felt confused and had a severe pain in her head. Something wasn’t right. Wendy went to the doctor and her symptoms warranted that an MRI be ordered that day. She was called immediately after the test (unheard of normally) to go talk with the MD. She knew it wasn’t good, but when they asked her to bring someone with her, she got a pit in her stomach.

Her ex was worried about her. During the MRI, he waited at a nereby Target, just in case she needed him. And when Wendy got the call, she immediately called him and asked him to accompany her to the doctor’s office for the results.

“Sure. I’ll be right there.” He quickly replied.

“Where are you?” she asked.

“Across the street.” he answered.

He came. They heard the news together. He pulled his wedding ring out of his pocket and asked her to marry him all over again. She said yes. And today they are going through this journey together. Doing the chemo. Raising the kids. Helping their daughter get married.

Live Well

Wendy continues to have a good attitude. She will claim it has gotten her this far. She is part of a “LiveStrong” group that exercise together, and get together for breakfast once a month.

She isn’t speaking “on the circuit” yet, but she does give talks locally, sharing her good attitude and faith. She asks for signs. She looks for signs. She gets signs. She knows she is not alone. Her life is FILLED with family, friends, kids, kid’s friends, love. She willingly shares her smile and stories of hope. Wendy knows she is still here to keep others going. Wendy lives well.

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