What is it about riding a bike? Is it the beautiful monotony of the wheels going round and round? The pedals powered by your own legs? The speed? The breeze? The glide?

Maeve is right. You do feel free.

You’re going on your own power. That is freedom. It’s faster than walking. Sure you could run. But why run, when you can sit on a bike and get there faster?

Sometimes you’re coasting with the wind at your back, thinking you can go on like this forever.

Sometimes you’re going uphill, putting it in granny gear and pedaling with all your might.

Sometimes you’re going downhill, truly feeling the wind on your face – smiling big – thinking “This is fun!”

Whichever example above is your ride, you still know you are in control. You can steer that bike anywhere you want to go. You can shift the gears. You can pedal the pedals as slow or as fast as you want. You can sit back and coast and enjoy the ride.

Sound familiar? How many times in life are we pedaling so hard, revolutions going round and round, we shift the gears and do anything to get up that hill?

What about those times when we’re on the downhill? We worked so hard now we can let the decline take us for awhile.

And those moments when we are on the straight away maybe pedaling for a bit then coasting…is that the time we are doing what we need to be doing, but also wondering… looking… for what’s next. Or realizing that all is well?

Those are moments. Just moments. At least in my life, they are moments. I never seem to have a long period–months or years–of coasting. Never. But for that I’m grateful.

Between kids, work, life, and husband, there is not much coasting for me, but I have to not let that stop me from coasting, sitting back on my seat, taking one side of the handlebars, standing up straighter, looking around, and enjoying the ride. That’s when you can feel confident in thoughts and feelings.

You know you can compete against any obstacle you come across.

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