I bet every single person who just read that above quote smiled. Every. Single. One.

Well, that’s how Don Morgan made everyone feel. He had this effect on everyone he met. No one was a stranger. He always made them smile. That was his style. He had a quote for everything. And he meant what he said. He was wise. He was true. He was authentic.

Other People’s Junk

When my friend Marla Morgan was growing up, she remembers hearing her dad say “Don’t put your junk in my backyard.” He offered advice with that too. Don’t let their problems be your problems. The thing that throws us all off, is carrying around other people’s junk. If you don’t have their junk, then you have the clarity to do what you are meant to do on this earth. It makes sense… It just makes sense…

Marla entered the child care business. Taking care of 6-week old to 6-year old children is her passion and she does it extremely well. As she was getting her business up and running the kids loved listening to a song called “Don’t Put Your Junk in My Backyard”. The irony! We don’t need another person’s rake, toys. dirty smelly socks, old tires, or rotted out cars. That’s theirs. Not ours.

When someone starts dumping their junk on us, we need to say “Not in my backyard!”. All that junk can trigger reactions, emotions, feelings, some we may not even be aware of. I’ve got my own junk! I’m working on my junk through therapy, reading, talking, meditating, quiet times, walks, friends.

Work Hard, Don’t Dump

I work hard, so I don’t dump it. You go do the work on your junk. Don’t put yours in my backyard anymore. I don’t want it and obviously neither do you.


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