Oprah said it. Are you surprised? Of course not. She uses quotes all the time. She shares quotes. Posts quotes. Repeats quotes. “Tweetable moments” she calls them on her SuperSoul Conversations podcast. Oprah actively listens to the people she talks with, then she shares their wisdom and words of advice. Oprah relays their life experiences through words. She does this for the “soul” purpose to help us live better.

Let’s Live Better

We hear these quotes from famous people – Rumi, Churchill, Brown, but we all, yes us–YOU AND ME — all say some pretty damn good stuff that needs to be remembered, saved, and shared. When we remember a quote, it takes us back to that moment; that place in time when we were with our college buddies, our dad, our childhood best friend, or our beloved Grandma. It’s like what a scent does when we smell it again years later. It’s ingrained in our brain, deep in our senses, taking us right back to that moment in time. Words can do that too. And we won’t remember all of them, unless we save them… quickly & easily. Save them and it will help you travel back in time to that very spot.

How many times have we heard something that made us pause? Made us laugh? Struck a chord? Hit a nerve? Quotes are always there for us….

“I gotcha!”

“If at first you don’t succeed, do it like your mother told you.”

“Are you feeling it?”

“God says ‘I’ll take it from here.’”

“The only thing to look forward to is…me!”

“There’s no anaphylaxis, so it’s a win!”

“Live in this moment. This moment is your life.”

How many times did we only sort of remember (but really wanted to remember) something that was said? Hurting our brain to remember some words of wisdom, but not recalling all of it. The QuoteYa app is the place to save all those words you want to remember.

Preserve Your Words

“Quotes really speak to me.” Oprah is right. They speak to her. She is validated. They do that for us too. They speak to all of us. They connect us, keep us going, guide us so we know we are not alone. I don’t care how you do it, just do it. Preserve Your Words. Keep the quotes. Today.

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