That quote is from my infinitely wise brother Kevin. The Kelly clan commenced on his home, only 27 of us this time, lower number than usual, this past holiday season. We were  celebrating the annual “Kelly German Fest” since half of us Kelly kids are German.

My mother is New York, Long Island, German, born in 1926. With a spry mind, she reminisces quite a bit about her childhood at her grandfather’s bakery the “Busch Bakery” and as a young girl having to climb the stairs of the apartment building her family owned to collect rent from the tenants. One of my favorite stories she tells is of her paying a penny to ride the trolley to school. Truly, the good ‘ol days!

When we were all together at Kevin’s home, the doorbell rang and that is when Kevin said the above quote. That quote epitomizes Kevin Kelly. Who he is. How he thinks. His wit. His brains. His sincerity. His congeniality.

Jim Rohn said it best when he stated,

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Who are your five people? Are they good? That’s who you should surround yourself with. All the good people. The kind people. The thoughtful people. The people that support you and love you. The ones you can tell your most heartbreaking news to and know you won’t be judged. Keep them close. Gather them all together even if they are from different areas of your life. Celebrate them! Celebrate you! Celebrate that you have such amazing people in your life.

For some it might be family. For others it might be friends. For others it might be both. There are those good people who are around us daily.  Our friends can be the day to day and family can be spread across the country. There are those, that despite time or distance, the relationship does not change. No years have passed. No miles too great.

Another great quote: “Our friends are the family we make for ourselves.” Where would we be without our trusted friends? I would be utterly lost. My friend network is strong. My family is scattered, so it is good when we can get together, but it’s the dear friends in my daily life that keep me going.

I have a challenge for you. In 2019 do something for you–get all your good people together. Why wait? Do it soon. It doesn’t have to be fancy, over the top extravagant. But by all means have cake because here’s another great quote:

“Good Lord. We’re gonna need cake!”

Take the time now and CELEBRATE everyone good who is here. Celebrate the people in your life.

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