“The grass isn’t greener, there’s just a different light shining on it.” -Anonymous

“The grass isn’t greener, there’s just a different light shining on it.” -Anonymous

Let’s think about this a second. We always think it’s better on the other side. The Joneses, yeah, they got it right. They got it all together. But we know better. They don’t have it all together. Actually it’s probably close to falling apart. But we don’t want that to happen either, do we? NO, we really don’t.

Be authentic.

No spin doctor here. Listen to this news. The Joneses DON’T have it all together. Stop worrying about the Joneses. Be authentic. Live your life. The life YOU were meant to live. Things in your life can change but in order for that to happen you need to change. You need a different light to shine. That light is your perspective. Your thought process.

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”

I could also add the quote “Comparison is the thief of joy”. Stop comparing. Live the life you were born to live. YOU. You are a Child of the Universe. YOU. Comparing is insecurity. Pure and simple. Be grateful for who you are and what you have. Even the simplest of thank you’s will carry you.

“Thank you for my legs, so I can walk to the bus to get to work.”

“Thank you for my ears, so I can hear the beautiful music in the elevator.”

“Thank you for my mother who shows me how to be compassionate.”

“Thank you for the friend who has shared her life with me.”

They will find you.

If you need to change something, change it. But after you change it, live in it for awhile where you’re at. Our behavior is only our habits… which we have formed… on autopilot. If you move on before changing your behavior, your troubles will follow you. They know your address. They WILL find you. Because they are YOUR troubles. Remember the definition of insanity – “Doing the same thing but expecting different results.”

The grass is greener because a different light is shining on it. Your light. Your refreshed and renewed light.

“B for Breakfast”

“B for Breakfast”

We’ve all heard of the psychic powers of a “mother’s ear”. It can never be out done, just like the eyes in the back of her head!

Wedding Weekend

It was early morning. We were all crammed in our hotel room, two parents and four kids ages 11, 8, 6, and 3. It was a family wedding weekend and everyone was always together morning, noon, and night. I’m lying in bed in my ‘just about to wake up sleeping stupor’ when I hear in the distance the sound of a hotel door closing. I remember sleepily thinking “Was that our door that just closed? It must be a dream.”

A few minutes pass…I wake up with a JOLT!

“The door! I heard OUR hotel door close.” I exclaim.

I threw off the covers, lept out of bed and started counting heads. My God… I’m missing one!

Who is Missing???

“Jack. Where’s Jack?” I yelled.

Jack, the 6-year old, is a crazy sleeper. (Read=he moves all over the place!) I checked everywhere in the hotel room–under the blankets, on top of the blankets, under the sleeper sofa, in the bathroom, in the bath tub. No Jack.

The door. He was the one who opened the door.

I threw on a sweatshirt and shook my husband to wake up. And out the same hotel room door I went. He wasn’t there. I run up and down the hallways yelling.

“Jack! Jack!”

Then I stopped. I’m stunned, as I noticed… Our room was right by the elevator. A revelation–the elevator! I run to it. Pushed a button. But wait! Did he go up? Did he go down? I push both buttons frantically. I was swaying. I was antsy.

“C’mon. C’mon. C’mon…… Hurry up!!!!” I proclaimed.

Doors finally opened. As I got in I noticed an older gentleman already in the elevator. Yet another revelation…..my son may have gotten in the elevator with a stranger, a creeper! The thought made me sick to my stomach so I tried to instantly put it out of mind.

Up or down?!?

“Excuse me Sir, did you see a cute little curly haired boy in his blue striped pajamas?” I ask.

“No. Sorry.” he stated.

I stood there looking at all the buttons. Again the unsettling question: Where did he go? Up? Down?

The “L” for lobby was already pushed so I made a quick decision to go to there. The doors open to the lobby and I fly out of the elevator in a panic. I happen to see my Mom and asked her if she had seen Jack.

“No. Why?” she asked.

I then told her of my reality.  As I’m told her, I started to cry. As I explained what happened, a kind hotel worker came up behind me, tapped me on the shoulder. I turned to him.

“Ma’am. Ma’am. Excuse me Ma’am. Is this your son? We found him wandering around in the basement.” he said.

I turned to see my son’s sweet little face encircled with his curly brown hair standing there in his blue striped pajamas.

“JACK!!! JACK!!! My God, JACK!!!!” I reach down to scoop him up. “I was so worried about you. Where did you go? Where were you?” I said.

In his sweet little lisp-y, wispy voice he said “I’m thorry Mama. I wasth hungry. Tho I went to go get food. I got in the elevator and pushed “B for breakfast.”